Dirty Signs With Kristin

Learning the filthiest words in American Sign Language.

Dirty Signs With Kristin - Learning the filthiest words in American Sign Language.

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Super Smutty Signs on HuffPo!!

In celebration of my book being published today, I wrote an article for the Huffington Post. I’m so excited to be a HuffPo Blogger! The article includes nine great super-smutty phrases from the book, so it’s definitely awesome. Everyone wants to learn to sign things like “Douche Canoe” and “We’re goin streaking!” so this is a perfect chance to get started learning ASL. Check it out here and leave me a comment!

I still hear Morgan Freeman’s voice in my head.

I’m seriously amazed that I don’t have a video for this already. In case you haven’t seen this popular internet meme, check it out here:

titty sprinkles

Isn’t that hilarious?! Of COURSE I needed to figure out how to say this in American Sign Language! Thankfully, it’s not difficult. You can practice this and have it down-pat in no time! Let’s get started.

My ASL gloss for this phrase is really easy:
BOOBS, SPRINKLE-over-boobs

Also, important reminder: My book comes out in less than one week, on October 8!! Pre-order it here.

Semen werewolf? Well, why not?

Sometimes there are just those phrases that make absolutely no sense, but are still absolutely hilarious. I think this is one of those times. “Semen werewolf” is a special request from a friend of mine, who explained that this was an inside joke between him and a friend. He also explained that it never made a lick of sense from the beginning, so it makes it even more entertaining when you add a layer of language translation to it. Enjoy the nonsense!

My ASL gloss for this phrase is:

Anyone else a Dave Chappelle fan?

Hey folks, new video up today! A friend of mine is a pretty big Dave Chappelle fan, so he asked me if I could learn to sign the phrase “Fuck yo couch!” Never one to disappoint, I learned the phrase last night and I’m posting the video today. I hope everyone enjoys it! (And I’m Rick James, bitch!)

My ASL gloss for this phrase is:

In case you’ve never seen the original sketch, you can check it out here: